Fonte Verde

Fonte Verde is the elegant new footwear collection from Woof Wear.
We set out to create a beautiful range of riding and country boots where European styling meets Woof Wear technology, and where the boots are as beautiful as they are practical.
Woof Wear set out to launch a high-quality line of riding boots and were drawn to the skills, heritage and quality leathers offered by craftsmen in Portugal.
Although a more expensive alternative to Asian manufacturing, the attention to detail, precision and experience of the Portuguese manufacturers together with their investment in the latest technologies made the decision simple.
Why Fonte Verde?
Fonte Verde is a Portuguese phrase meaning ‘Green Source’ and seemed a natural choice for the name of a collection that has environmental considerations at its heart.
We believe the most environmentally friendly product is one that lasts, travels the shortest distance and uses materials that are as friendly to the planet as possible.
You can be reassured that the high-quality leather, used in the Fonte Verde collection, has been sourced and tanned in European factories.
All packaging is recyclable and there is no single-use plastic in sight.
The result is a range of beautiful, performance riding boots made with care for the environment.